About Me

I am a qualified Life Coach, since 2004. I hold two Hons Masters Degrees and have worked for over 26 years in Social Care in a Senior role. Until recently l was a Global HR Manager. My primary strength is in supporting people be they young students or adults to achieve their specific goals at the time.


Life Coaching for 9 years

The listing of experience does not allow me to go beyond 10 years. I starting Life Coaching Professionally in 2004. I work with Students who need to understand in greater detail - the world of work and to improve their school or college studies. I also work with adults who have a myriad of financial, relationship, job and career goals.


My approach is very friendly, supportive yet firm and understanding. I am completely non-judgemental and am reputed to put clients at their ease. My approach is based on explaining the process, managing expectations and setting realistic and attainable goals. The Client is ultimately in charge and my role is to encourage and support the client to set weekly or bi-weekly goals that are reviewed. Flexibility is key and my approach is results oriented.


I hold the following qualifications A Bachelors Hons Degree from UCC in 1995 An Hons Masters in Social Science from UCC in 1997 A Diploma from The Coach Institute of Ireland 2004 An Hons Masters Degree in Human Resource Management UCC in 2020.