About Me

I began studying counselling and psychotherapy in 2014 and qualified in 2019. I’m currently working on completing my professional accreditation. As a therapist, I believe the most important thing for the person I’m sitting with is being truly present, listening and allowing the client the space and time they need to find the words to express their experiences and feelings. In our busy lives, we often find that when we chat with another, they are just waiting to speak rather than actively listening to what the other is saying. The therapy room is a space dedicated to the client, there may be challenges but they are not met alone.


Psychotherapy for 3 years

PCI low cost counselling service Private practice


I believe very much in the person centred approach. By allowing a client the time and space to explore their experiences, they can often make wonderful discoveries about themselves. I do believe that the therapeutic relationship can help to model healthy behaviours that can be emulated outside the therapy room. I also believe that self-care and self-esteem are both pillars of living a healthy and fulfilling life, this is something that I encourage in the client.


After 5 years of studying psychotherapy and counselling I achieved a BSc from PCI college.