About Me

I am an experienced Leadership & Performance coach, fully accredited (PCC) by the ICF. My client base ranges across the public and private sectors, from middle to senior management levels and includes high performing individuals and teams. I am qualified to administer a number of psychometric tests including the EQi2.0 and 360 and the 15FQ+ and my early background as a business executive and Naval Officer has provided me with a substantial depth of unique life and work experiences to draw on. My coaching philosophy is simple - help to provide unique solutions for unique people.


Coaching for 9 years

I have been running my own coaching and training business for over 10 years. Prior to that I worked as a senior business executive and prior to that I was a senior Naval Officer for over 20 years. My coaching work lies mainly in leadership and performance development and my clients include both public and private sector clients. I am also interested din performance management and development in sports and am actively involved in coaching with a number of top-level sports teams. Typical clients are those either managing or preparing to manage high performance teams and together we explore the challenges they may be facing or may face in the future. However, as no 2 clients are identical, amongst the areas I've worked on with clients are career planning and management, stress management, having the difficult conversations, managing upwards, developing emotional intelligence, figuring out the next step, managing teams (remotely and in person) and so forth. Team coaching is an area in which I am particularly interested whether in basic team development up to an including performance management for high performance teams (HPTs).


My approach is based on establishing a rapport with my clients and establishing a clear understanding between us as to what approach they are comfortable with. My coaching style is essentially based on questioning and exploration carried out in a confidential and psychologically safe space, perhaps nicely summarised by a client below. "...Over the last six months Joe has been a great help as I settle into a new and more senior role within my organization. His explorative approach through the use of thought provoking questions and openness to providing challenge has helped me become a clearer communicator and influencer among the senior leaders within our organization. I would recommend Joe for those who are seeking to continuously improve their performance in a leadership role..."


1. Registered as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation; 2. MSc in Personal & Management Coaching; 3. Foundation Course in team Coaching - Prof. David Clutterbuck; 4. Certified Tester and Administrator – EQi-2.0 and 360 (Emotional Intelligence assessments); 5. Registered Member of the British Psychological Society as tester for Ability and Personality Assessments including 15FQ+ Personality Profiles, Jung Type Indicators (JTI), and Emotional Intelligence profile;