About Me

IACP accredited therapist. I completed my degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy in CIT in October 2014.


Psychotherapy for 7 years

I work with clients that have a wide range of issues from Trauma, Grief and Loss, Depression, Anxiety, Family Dynamics, Stress, Addiction, Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, Eating Disorders, etc.


My degree was in Integrative Psychotherapy. Through my own personal journey I have learned the importance of relationship. It is that person to person human connection, that provides the healing, and this is what I aim to offer above all the theory and maps. In terms of maps I think Rogers’ humanistic approach is key. My belief is that it is a privilege to journey with the client, and ultimately I believe that it is the client who holds the key. My approach incorporates many other models, including the Mindfulness Based Approach, Gestalt, Johnson's Personality Theory, Family Systems, Psychoanalysis, IFS, Attachment Theory, Transactional Analysis and CBT.


BA Honours Counselling and Psychotherapy, CIT