About Me

Robert is a qualified student counselor and psychotherapist. He uses an integrated approach based on person centered and solution focused therapy. Robert’s focus is on building the relationship with the client, by providing an emphatic and understanding space, to help them feel safe exploring their world and their place in it. He also works on empowering his clients so they can realize the growth, change and healing as choosing by them.


Counselling for 1 years

Experience I have worked with people of all ages with various presenting issues. Some of these include anxiety, depression, grief and loss, trauma, self-esteem issues, abuse, burnout and more. I currently hold a L7 BA in Counselling & Psychotherapy and completing my L8 BA Hons in Counselling & Psychotherapy


Using a client lead approach Robert is an integrated therapist biased in person centered and brief solution focused therapy.


Level 7 BA in Counselling & Psychotherapy