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I practise as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist working within the code of ethics of the Association of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in Ireland (A.P.P.I.). I hold a First Class Honours M.Sc. Degree in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at University College Dublin. I hold the Diploma in Group Work Practice awarded by the Irish Institute of Group Analysis (in association with UCD’s School of Psychotherapy). I’m an associate member of the Irish Group Analytic Society. I have a particular interest in the mental health of young adults and young offenders.


Counselling for 4 years

II have workedi in mental health settings sonce 2016. I have experience working with anxiety and despfession, stress, obesity, trauma etc


My psychotherapy practice provides you with: • The time and opportunity to speak confidentially, in your own words, about your difficulties at this time, such as stress, anxiety depression etc; • A place to articulate your own experience to distressing life changes, including loss and trauma; and • The opportunity to articulate the cause of distress which sometime comes in the form of physical symptoms and chronic pain. This form of psychological work offers the chance to address issues of sexuality; body image; relationships; loss of direction in life; social isolation; and addiction and its effects on your family and friends.


Tom holds a First Class Honours MSc Degree in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy from University College Dublin. He is continuing his formation as a psychoanalyst within the Specific Modality Training (SMT) programme at The School of Psychotherapy (TSOP) at Saint Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin. His ongoing clinical practice, psychoanalysis, and clinical supervision of clinical work is being monitored and verified by the TSOP. He has been awarded the Diploma in Group Work Practice by the Irish Institute of Group Analysis. Tom is preparing an application to a PhD Programme to research the link between trauma, societal discourse and obesity.


Purpose, Discernment and T.S. Eliot
Tom Conlon

By Tom Conlon


Purpose, Discernment and T.S. Eliot

Some reflection on making better life choices!